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I worked at Snapchat for almost 6 years. While I was there, I designed products and features that would end up being enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people around the world. When I started at Snap, our CEO Evan was still doing the app design (which took skeuomorphic cues from iOS 6), Stories didn't exist, and we had about 10 million users.



I was the lead designer on Stories for 5 years and designed the first version.


The product evolved out of the perceived user need for a "Send To All" button that would spam all their friends. 


We built Stories to give users the ability to broadcast what they were doing in the moment. 


As time went on, we'd add other Story formats allowing groups of users to post content. (1).gif


When hardware changes, the software often must change as well. During my time at Snapchat, we saw dozens of new devices and aspect ratios that we had to design for. 


Often, a new aspect ratio or generational change in a popular phone (in this instance iPhone 8 to iPhone X) is a good opportunity to refresh UI and improve functionality. 


Over my time at Snap I worked on all core areas of the app. (3).gif


In addition to the core Stories product, I led design on Official Stories (e.g. Verified Users) Custom Stories, Geo Stories, Private Stories, and Group Stories. 


I also worked on Live Stories with another designer, and designed all the tooling and CMS required to allow the curation of thousands of Snaps.  



Geofilters were designed to allow users to easily share their location, in way that felt more tailored to the location they were in. 

It also felt a lot less try-hard to simply swipe on a cool filter to your Snap as opposed to typing in your exact location. 

I built out and managed the entire Geofilters product, community-sourced pipeline, app UI, CMS and tooling.


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